Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How does LFWMH identify the specific charities that receive donation proceeds each year?   

Each year the Board Members of the Foundation meet to decide which military charities of those currently approved under the PGA Tour's “Birdies for the Brave" military outreach program will be supported. The criteria for those choices are based on the missions of those charities and their ability to effectively pursue and achieve their goals.  In our five years we have supported as few as one of those charities in our first year to as many as 7 currently.  The Board also determines how our annual contribution to B4B is divided among the charities chosen.   

2.   Is the LFWMH an affiliate or current donor to the Wounded Warrior Project Foundation?  The LFWMH is not affiliated with or a current/on going contributor to the Wounded Warrior Project Foundation.   

3.   How and when was the LFWMH founded?    

LFWMH, a 501c-3 non-profit foundation, was founded in the Fall of 2010.  A group of dedicated individuals from Hampton Hall Golf Club in Bluffton, SC organized the first annual Wounded Heroes Golf Classic which was held in May of 2011.  Our mission was to provide donated funds that would directly support combat wounded military heroes in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia.  Since our inception we have grown with the support of other golf club communities such as Berkeley Hall and Belfair and the kind efforts of the people, businesses and  institutions of the Lowcountry and beyond.   

4.   Why does the LFWMH donate through the PGA Tour's "Birdies for the Brave"?    "Birdies for the Brave", founded by Pro golfer Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy in 2006, was subsequently adopted by the PGA Tour as its military outreach program.  It has approved and recommended non-profit military homefront groups to receive donated funds and the support of PGA Tour players.  LFWMH believes "B4B" and the PGA Tour have done an admirable and effective job in fulfilling its mission and we are proud to support its efforts through our donations.   

5.   How does LFWMH generate its donations?   

Our primary method of raising donations is through our Wounded Heroes Golf Classic  held annually in May.  We also raise money through the use of silent and live auctions with items donated by individuals and businesses, raffles, sponsorships and other special events.   

6.    How does LFWMH identify the Wounded Heroes that you honor at your golf classic?    LFWMH, through it's Military Committee, reaches out to a large number of military institutions in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia for combat wounded servicemen and women from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for us to honor. We hope they will attend, and if able, play in our event or participate in the day's events. It is our hope that by honoring their service to our country we can repay, in a modest way, their efforts.    

7.   What percentage of the donations received by the Foundation goes to the charities designated as recipients?    

The LFWMH exists and succeeds because of the efforts of our 100% uncompensated Board, Committee Leaders and Volunteers. Our only expenses are those directly related to the raising of our donated monies. We are extremely proud of the extremely high percentage of donations that goes to the designated charities.